Chemicals and Toxins that Can Cause Prostate Cancer

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They may be invisible, but they are everywhere and dangerous: chemicals and toxins that can increase your risk of prostate cancer. According to the President’s Cancer Panel Report on Environmental Cancer Risk, “environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated.” What you should not underestimate, however, is your ability to identify and avoid exposure to chemicals and toxins that can raise your risk of prostate cancer.

Among some of the best ways to safeguard yourself when it comes to food choices is to choose organic foods whenever possible to reduce your exposure to pesticides in food and other harmful substances, avoid or minimize your intake of charred meats, and stay away from foods in cans lined with BPA.

Chemicals and toxins also can affect you from other sources, including common, everyday products. Therefore, avoid products that contain the endocrine-disruptors known as phthalates, which can be found in plastic food containers and cling wrap among other things. Also use filtered tap water and protect yourself against ultraviolet radiation, among other warnings from the President’s Cancer Panel Report.