Chinese Herbal Medicine for Chronic Prostatitis Gets WHO OK

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For the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has given its approval for the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine by including the remedies in its latest (11th) version of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD). By making that move, it has opened the door for countless numbers of conditions to possibly be treated with natural means, including herbal medicine for chronic prostatitis.

This move is not without its opponents and controversies. In a recent issue of Scientific American, for example, the editors wrote that “To include TCM in the ICD is an egregious lapse in evidence-based thinking and practice. Data supporting the effectiveness of most traditional remedies are scant, at best.”

They referred to an extensive review of 70 papers evaluating TCM and pointed out that “none of the studies proved conclusive because the data were either too paltry or did not meet testing standards.”

Other objections to the broad acceptance of TCM include fears it will increase the already rampant slaughter of animals, including endangered ones such as rhinoceros and tigers, for their body parts for these remedies.

Herbal medicine for chronic prostatitis

Amidst the controversy is the emergence of a patent herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping from Wuhan. Claims are that the pill can treat (and cure) a wide range of male genital and urinary tract infections. Among them are chronic nonbacterial prostatitis, as well as enlarged prostate, prostate calcification, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, azoospermia, and urinary tract infections, among others.

According to an article appearing in Digital Journal, Dr. Xiaoping’s remedy contains ingredients that can enhance blood circulation, resolve “hard lump so that the efficacy can directly reach the lesion of the disease,” remove blood stasis, and gradually eliminate inflammation. The reported result is the end of chronic pain. According to Dr. Xiaoping’s website, the remedy can cure male urinary and reproductive system diseases within three months.

Because the medicine is patented, the complete list of more than 50 ingredients is protected. However, some of them include plantago asiatica, Polygonum aviculare, Houttuynia cordata, Dianthus superbus, safflower, Herba laminariae, pangolin, saffron, semen persicae, honeysuckle, lignum aquilariae, Angelica sinensis, peach kernel, and cowherb seed.

The first three listed ingredients, for example, promote diuresis and help clear away toxins. Both peach kernels and safflower boost blood circulation, while honeysuckle reduces inflammation.

Other herbal medicine for chronic prostatitis

Several natural herbal remedies have been studied scientifically and found to be helpful in relieving symptoms of chronic prostatitis. The ones with the most evidence to back up these claims are quercetin and pollen extract combination, quercetin and pollen alone, and turmeric. Those with less research are beta-sitosterol, cranberry extract, DIM, green tea, probiotics, Pygeum africanum, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and vitamin D. When possible, it is best to use a supplement that contains as many of these herbs and nutrients as possible.

Bottom line

Men should consider herbal medicine for chronic prostatitis when exploring treatment possibilities. The recent decision by WHO to add TCM to the list of treatments for many diseases, including chronic prostatitis, may open the door to more individuals trying these natural therapies. One should keep in mind, however, the lack of scientific evidence for some of these remedies.


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