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Prostate Cancer

What is the Cost of Zytiga?

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The cost of Zytiga (abiraterone acetate) may be one factor that men who have late-stage prostate cancer might use when comparing medications or making medical decisions.

Zytiga costs $5,000 per month.  The average treatment course is eight months, so the cost of Zytiga is approximately $40,000 for a full course of treatment. Additional costs for doctor visits, co-pays, deductibles, parking fees, and travel expenses are not included in this amount.

Zytiga differs from other hormone therapies for prostate cancer in that it is the only therapy able to reduce the production of testosterone from three sources: the adrenal glands, the testes, and the prostate tumor. Zytiga is an oral medication that is taken once per day in conjunction with the steroid prednisone, which is taken twice a day. Zytiga works by targeting a protein called cytochrome P450 17A1 (CYP17A1). This plays a significant role in testosterone production. Zytiga is approved as a treatment for before or after chemotherapy with docetaxel.

ZYTIGA is indicated in combination with prednisone for the treatment of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).

Assistance with the Cost of Zytiga

Medicare and most insurance companies cover treatment. The manufacturer also has several plans to help patients with the cost of Zytiga. ZytigaOne Support offers several options for helping patients reduce out-of-pocket costs of treatment, whether they have commercial insurance, Medicare, or are uninsured.

Commercial insurance patients may be eligible for a savings program through Janssen Care Path. Once the card is activated, patients pay only $10 per month. The instant savings card has a maximum financial benefit or expiration (whichever comes first) of $12,000 annual program benefit, one year from activation, or 12 monthly refills (one-year supply). Get more information on eligibility and restrictions for instant savings.

 If you have Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, or Commercial Insurance for ZYTIGA, but still cannot afford the cost of Zytiga, then ZytigaOne Support can direct you to alternate sources of funding. Learn your affordability options.

For uninsured patients who lack the financial resources to pay for their medicines, Johnson & Johnson has a Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. The program can be reached at 1-800-652-6227 or visited online.

If you and your doctor feel that Zytiga is the right treatment for you, you should be able to find an affordable way to get the medication through Medicare, your private insurance, or through a patient assistance program offered through the manufacturer. All these factors can help with the cost of Zytiga.

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