Dr. Stephen Scionti


Dr. Stephen Scionti

Prostate Cancer Treatment, Cryosurgery, and HIFU Ablation Specialist

Dr. Scionti is Founder and Director of the Scionti Prostate Center, Sarasota, FL.

He has worked extensively with high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and with over 1000 successful procedures is considered one of world’s most experienced HIFU surgeons. He has collaborated with leading medical treatment centers around the world to help perfect HIFU technology, research medical applications, and train urologists to perform HIFU.

Additionally, Dr. Scionti is leading the effort to train American urologists in this therapy and served as Director of Clinical Education and Training for USHIFU prior to FDA approval of HIFU. Currently, Dr. Scionti uses HIFU to treat prostate cancer patients at the Vituro Health HIFU Center in Sarasota, Florida and serves as the Medical Director of Vituro Health.

Dr. Scionti is also one of the most active cryosurgeons having performed over 1,000 prostate procedures. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Scionti, helps teach and proctor urologists on prostate cryotherapy techniques. He actively researches and lectures on cryotherapy technology and clinical outcomes.

Formerly, Dr. Scionti was the Medical Director and Founder of the Hilton Head, SC International Center for Men’s Health. He is a leading contributor to the COLD Registry, a national database of cryotherapy outcomes. He also organized the National Cryotherapy Training Workshop and helped train more than 200 urologists annually on the use of the cryotherapy to treat prostate cancer.