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Is soy good or bad for men's health?

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  •  Tim Hughes

    I heard soy is bad for you.. something about it being high in hormones or something.. does anyone know if this is true? And what that even means?

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    Tim, there have long been myths suggesting that men who consume soy regularly may experience lower testosterone levels – but that has never been scientifically proven.

    In fact, according to ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine):

    In 2010, a group of American researchers from the University of Minnesota and Loma Linda University in California analyzed 47 studies that examined the relationship between soy and men’s sex hormones, including testosterone.

    The researchers concluded that soy intake did not significantly affect testosterone levels.

    On the contrary to those myths, soy can actually provide a great deal of benefits to men, including improved fertility and the ability to help lower cholesterol.


    Very helpful here, thank you a lot! I would also like to recommend that you have a look at Canadian Pharmacy for some interesting info and tips on different meds. Good luck with it!


    I wouldn’t be too confident with results of those researches. Every day we see a new research results that contradict previous ones. Either it’s coffee or bread or whatever.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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