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Prostate Cancer Treatments and ED

prostate cancer treatments and ED

Medically reviewed by Dr. Larry Lipshultz M.D

Prostate cancer treatments and ED (erectile dysfunction) is a combination that appears more often than you may have heard or realize. In fact, most men who undergo prostate cancer treatment, nonsurgical or surgical, experience ED to some degree. That’s because during many of the different prostate cancer treatments the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that are necessary to initiate and maintain an erection are often traumatized or damaged.

The extent of this damage differs depending on the type of treatment, as well as factors such as the expertise of the professional administering the treatment, length of treatment, stage and grade of cancer, and how many different types of therapies a man has undergone.


Men who have prostate cancer have a range of treatment options. Whatever treatment you choose, you should be fully informed beforehand about prostate cancer treatment and your chances of having erectile dysfunction as a consequence of your therapy choice.

Prostate Cancer Treatments and ED

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