How to Pay for Xofigo

Men with metastatic prostate cancer who are considering different treatments may wonder how to pay for Xofigo. This latest prostate cancer treatment runs about $69,000. The complete course of therapy includes six injections that are given four weeks apart. This cost is for the drug itself and does not include other expenses such as visits to the doctor, co-pays, deductibles, fees to park, and other related travel expenses. So, naturally, men who are considering this treatment will wonder how to pay for Xofigo.

Xofigo (radium-223 dichloride) is used to treat men with hormone-resistant prostate cancer that has spread to the bones but not other organs. It is a unique treatment that targets bone tumors.

Assistance with how to pay for Xofigo

The good news is that insurance companies may cover Xofigo. Patients should first check with their insurance carrier to find out if Xofigo is covered. If the drug is not covered or if the patient has no health insurance, he may qualify for a patient assistance program through the drug’s manufacturer, Bayer. Xofigo Access Services Access Counselors can help patients who lack coverage to find alternative sources of funding (e.g., Medicaid and other state and local assistance programs).

Patients who are uninsured or lack coverage and meet certain eligibility criteria can receive Xofigo for free from Xofigo Access Services. Call 1-855-6XOFIGO (1-855-696-3446). The doctor needs to apply for assistance on behalf of the patient using an application. Criteria is based on income; living in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, or U.S. Virgin Islands; and the patient being treated in an outpatient setting. The Access Counselors can also assist patients with their Medicare share of cost and help with co-pay and co-insurance costs.

For all these details and more, visit the Xofigo support Web site if you and your doctor feel that Xofigo is the right treatment for you and you are concerned about how to pay for Xofigo.

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