Are Apples Healthy for Men?

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Don’t let the fact that apples rank number one on the contaminated foods list keep you from enjoying an apple a day (or at least several per week). First the bad news: Pesticides were found on 97.8 percent of the more than 700 apple samples tested. In addition, 92 percent of apples had two or more pesticide residues, and overall the fruit was treated with up to 56 different pesticides.

The good news about apples is that they are a very good source of phytonutrients, such as quercetin, and a fair source of fiber. Apples also have a beneficial impact on the bacteria in the digestive tract intestinal tract, and apple polyphenols can help prevent dramatic rises in blood sugar.

Because apple peels contain fiber and other important nutrients, peeling a conventionally grown apple is like throwing away much of its nutrition, so purchase organic apples whenever possible.