What Are Alternative Treatments for Prostate Cancer?

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In addition to conventional medical therapies, men and their doctors also can choose from a wide variety of complementary and alternative treatments for prostate cancer. Often these alternatives can be used to complement traditional approaches. However, you should consult a knowledgeable healthcare provider before starting any new treatments. Here are six alternative treatments for prostate cancer you can consider.

Herbal and nutritional supplements: Those that have demonstrated some benefit for prostate health include omega-3 fatty acids, astragalus, resveratrol, essiac tea, ginseng, green tea, potassium, vitamin D, mushroom extract, lycopene, cayenne pepper, curcumin and vitamin C as well as many others.

Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Both of these Eastern medicine models use a combination of natural approaches to combat cancer and strengthen the physical and emotional bodies and overall immunity. Some of those natural approaches include herbal remedies, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and diet.

Antineoplaston therapy: This is an unproven alternative method based on the theory that the body defends itself in two ways: through the immune system and the natural biochemical defense system. Basically, antineoplaston therapy involves using substances composed of chemical compounds that are found naturally in the blood and urine.

Livingston-Wheeler therapy: This approach is based on the theory that a microbe, Progenitor cryptocides, is responsible for the development of cancer when the immune system is weakened.

Revici’s guided chemotherapy: The theory behind this alternative cancer treatment is that cancer is caused by imbalances in lipids (fats and similar substances) in the body. Cancer is treated using enzymes,, high doses of selenium, dietary changes, fatty acids and sterols, and a nontoxic chemotherapy.

Shark cartilage: The theory that shark cartilage can cure prostate cancer is based on the belief that a compound in shark cartilage is able to slow or stop the growth of blood vessels that tumors need to survive and grow.

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