10 Ways to Reduce Your PSA

An elevated PSA may indicate prostate cancer, but it can also be the result of many other situations. In fact, most men who have a high PSA do not have prostate cancer. Even so, a low PSA is generally best, so here are 10 ways to reduce your PSA levels.

10 Ways to Reduce Your PSA

Follow these 10 ways to reduce your PSA while improving your overall health at the same time:

  • Eat a healthful diet based on The Prostate Diet. The Prostate Diet has been designed to fight inflammation (which causes disease), help prevent prostate cancer, and keep your prostate functioning at its best.

  • Exercise regularly. That means at least three times a week, but preferably, everyday.
  • Reduce stress. Emotions place an immense load on the physical body including disruption of the natural hormonal balance. Read more on how stress affects prostate health
  • Lose weight.
  • Studies show that being overweight and/or obese significantly increases your chance of prostate disease as well as decreases long term survival rates.
  • Practice safe sex. Unless you are in a monogamous sexual relationship with a partner you know to be STD free, be safe not sorry, and always practice safe sex.
  • Avoid additives and foods that can harm the prostate or have been shown to cause or increase the risk of cancer and prostate disorders. Read more on foods to avoid if you have prostate cancer
  • Take supplements selectively. It’s essential to keep your prostate healthy and your immune system strong, and supplements are an excellent way to help. Selected nutritional and herbal supplements enhance and support the diet, not replace the foods in it. The majority of the supplements that may help lower PSA levels are the same ones used to help treat BPH and reduce the symptoms of other prostate disorders such as prostatitis. One note of caution: Some supplements may actually be harmful to prostate health. It is important to be fully informed as to the clinical studies and research as well as the quality of ingredients in any supplements you plan to take.
  • Avoid exposure to toxins. Stay away from chemicals and other substances that can increase the risk of developing cancer.
  • Lead a “prostate friendly” lifestyle. Read more on how prostate health is affected by your lifestyle

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