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How Do Mast Cells Cause Prostatitis?

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Mast cells are part of the immune system, and they can play a role in causing chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). A mast cell is part of a group of white blood cells called leukocytes. Plasma contains leukocytes and erythrocytes, which are red blood cells. Mast cells work as kind of an early warning system in the body. They release chemicals that signal the body that there is an infection or injury when they get stimulated by certain types of antibodies.

Mast cells cause inflammation in an area of the body. In this case, when talking about prostatitis, they target prostate area. This inflammation can affect nerves, leading to chronic pelvic pain. That is also how other seemingly unrelated conditions can cause inflammation that leads to prostatitis symptoms.

Mast cells create heparin (a chemical that allows blood to flow to the area and prevents clotting) and histamine (a chemical involved in the inflammatory response that causes capillary walls to become more permeable and let substances through). Mast cells play an important role in allergic reactions because they make and release histamine. The cells release histamine in response to a toxic substance being introduced or when the cells detect an injury. An allergic reaction or autoimmune dysfunction can be the root causes of CPPS. Sometimes the immune system malfunctions and releases an uncontrolled about of histamine, which is what you see in classic cases of an allergic reaction.

When treating prostatitis caused by mast cells it is important to apply several simultaneous treatment programs. Besides taking medications for chronic prostatitis, there are a number of effective natural prostatitis treatments. Natural therapies may include:

  • diet,
  • identifying food intolerances,
  • avoiding certain trigger foods, and
  • supplements that help with inflammation.

There are also several alternative prostatitis treatments that can provide symptom relief such as:

  • sitz baths,
  • heat therapy,
  • biofeedback therapy,
  • prostate massage,
  • stress management techniques,
  • cognitive behavioral therapy, and
  • and many others.

If your prostatitis is caused by mast cells, it is important to figure out which trigger is causing your mast cells to create inflammation. That trigger could be an allergen, illness, injury, or even stress. Psychological stress can alter the immune system. Understanding the cause of your problem may help you and your doctor to treat the source and determine the right prostatitis treatments so you can target the source of inflammation.

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